About Us.

Wild Existence was formed out of a fascination for the inherent health benefits available within nature, blending natural ingredients to formulate effective skincare. Our co-founder was struggling with her skin due to the regularity of hormonal flare-ups, and so we decided to combine this fascination with a goal: fuelled by an understanding of the cyclical problems faced by women, and other daily stressors that can wreak havoc on our health - and ultimately our skin - we set out to produce natural skincare that promotes the maintenance of healthy skin and a healthy mind.

Our Ethos

We think it’s important to embrace who we are as individuals and believe that fully living to our unique potential is the most beautiful thing we can do. We aim to promote daily rituals that have the power to bring us back to ourselves, find peace within our fast-paced lives and create moments that improve our wellbeing.

Our Ingredients

We source natural ingredients, looking to buy organic where possible, making it a priority to avoid potentially harmful ingredients. We meticulously select each and every ingredient to ensure that our formulations are packed with nutrient-rich, skin enhancing benefits. All claims made are rooted in academic resources.

Small Batch, Handmade.

All of our products are hand-blended, packaged and shipped from York, England. We work hard to ensure that you have the best customer experience and receive high quality products.

“Transforming routine to ritual creates a life where one is truly connected to themselves, their purpose, and what brings them joy.”